Lockable Back Strap Arm Binder(Black)

No. BH-02

This leather restraint really holds your submissive's arms in place behind their back. Once the four straps are pulled tight around the arms and wrist there is no way they'll be escaping. It has four welded D rings down the back strap. One at the back of the neck to keep the person in an upright position. One at the bottom below the wrist, so you can pull the wrist downwards, either to the feet or up through the crotch. An over shoulder strap ensures this device can't slip downwards. There are four fully adjustable arm straps, with double buckles each side allowing for use over a wide range. This device is much more adjustable than the Single Arm Binder.

Size: Fit most people

USD 32
Weight: 0.6 kg Number:


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