The Vibrators with Double Penis

No. DST-07

Size 2 penis is made entirely of high-level simulation of materials, which can, after pre-invasion Yin-ting, coupled with weak bursts gradually becoming stronger shocks to ensure that you both times and the climax is called "fly together."

The greatest feature than the "double-stick" independent design, you can be used alone one can attack the same time, using each other without interference, very convenient.
Phallic shape quite satisfactory, complete simulation of the design is not fancy. Transparent use of imported soft crafted, with vibration and rotation functions (the middle of pearl belt), vibration frequency can be adjusted.
After the court bar is the most typical design, after the former fine thick, easy access. It is worth mentioning is that it is very particular about the materials used, and also did not feel very resilient stiff feeling, I believe that is also very easy to use even for beginners.
This product can be used not only to decreased sexual function or long-term sex life, creating obstacles for Ms. erratic restorative heart, more suitable for couples to try new. Recommend to the pursuit of sexual life quality, willing to experience the joy of the new couple.

Size:  Simulation of penis:
          Diameter of 1-1/4 icnh, the middle pearl belt can rotate; controller and      equipment integration design, can be manual, for two of the world's flirting, but also electric swing rotation and enjoy its impact.
          Backyard bar:
          Diameter of 1 inch, soft and resilient material, feel very good.


USD 22
Weight: 0.44 kg Number:


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