The Silicone Satisfier

No. DST-14
For women there are three sexually stimulating areas within close proximity of each other. The G-Spot, clitoris and the anus. Having all three of these areas massaged simultaneously can being a new level of sexual pleasure as well as orgasmic sensations. The Silicone Triple Satisfier is an item that is specially designed for this purpose.

When women slip this into their vagina, the angled head will rest against the G-spot. At the same time, the other two ends will sit against the anus and the clitoris. Using the included bullet vibrator, the woman will be able to stimulate all three areas at the same time. As it goes to work, she can feel free to use her hands on other body.

Size:Penis Length: 6-3/4 inch

        G-Spot Length: 2-1/4 inch

USD 16
Weight: 0.31 kg Number:


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