Female Adjustable Stainless Steel Chastity with shield Removable

No. CC-14

More one Locking Cover Removable. A woman wouldnˇ®t be able to masturbate herself, without trying to stick a finger through the slit opening (a difficult task indeed). This chastity belt is an excellent long term chastity device for women. Its hand made and professionally finished to ensure restricted access to the vagina and clitoris.

Your slave will be brimming with excitement in having her genitals locked and totally at your mercy for release. The metal is nicely polished for an amazing look.

This device is wild-wide adjustable, supplied with 2 adjustors. More one Locking Cover Removable. Waist is adjustable between 65 - 90 cm.

USD 118
Weight: 1.5 kg Number:


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