Green Climax Electric Stimulator

No. EST-02

Main performance:

1, Power: 3V (2 5 for batteries)
2, a total of 33 stalls
Ma cake stall 16 (red): 16 rhythm choices. Is used for masturbation or more sex.
Chatter file 16 (green): 16 in the rhythm of choice. Most of the game for the SM.
Manual file 1 (yellow): manual single electric shock. Most of the game for the SM.
3, the output intensity can be adjusted stepless.
4,20 minutes automatic shutdown. (Sleep function)
5, pulse frequency :1-1KHz (with the gear change)
6, small flashlight function
7, output short-circuit resistance
8, current consumption: about 20mA (average)
9, in order to reduce the sensitivity of the radio appearance

Matters need attention:              

1, Do not let a minor, or failed to express the will to use it.
2, the infirm disabled.
3, the use of cardiac pacemakers and heart monitors for patients disabled.
4, high blood pressure (180mmHg) is disabled.
5, pregnant women, disabled.
6, epilepsy, Parkinson's, stroke, encephalopathy in patients with Meniere's and other disabled.
7, heart disease is disabled.
8, the infirm disabled.

(A) This product is a weak current acting on the body's sensitive areas, so that you experience the true sense of call; can enhance the body's arousal and pleasure. Can ease tension and reduce stress. Is definitely not the world tried to feel the real call from the nerve ends.
(B) can promote muscle activity, increase blood circulation, for the low sensitivity of the crowd has a very good effect. Simulate the creation of entirely natural hemp crisp and pleasure.
(C) can be nipples, vagina, clitoris, G-point, glans penis, tongue to create a feeling of crisp linen. Be able, as Cecil rain, gurgling water; surging vibrations can also make you excited. Sometimes carried away, sometimes a very tough battle. So you do not know is in heaven or in hell.
(D) DIY feature. You can give full play to your imagination, play and tap to make the FDA's approach to the greatest degree of enjoyment and stimulation. (Note: the need for security, progressive).


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