Pink Climax Blow Hole Stimulator

No. EST-03

Main performance:

"Big stick": Long 15cm Diameter: 3.8cm
"Small stick": Long 7.6cm Diameter: 2.5cm
Host (1) Model: XFT-502
Battery Type: AAA x 2 (Universal 7 batteries)
Pulse Output power: MAX 100V / 20mA
Host (2) Model: B-101
Battery Type: AAA x 3 (General 7 batteries)
Vibration mode: 4 files

Matters need attention:  

Please note that when using a clean product, available water, alcohol and other non-corrosive chemicals, cleaning;
2 product before use to fully lubricate the vagina. Not humid circumstances, it offers a sharp boost. Can be assisted by water-soluble lubricant, water, etc.;
3 just came into contact with the human body, please tune the pulse intensity is set to low, then based on the user's acceptance of a gradual from small and large slow adjustment;
Four patients with heart disease or pacemakers were banned;
5 can not be right can not be expressed perception of the people to use;
6 In order to avoid unusual injury, in addition to DC3V 1.5-volt AAA battery outside, do not use other batteries and power supplies.
7 products from precision parts (electronic components) form, please do not open the repair, modification, in order to avoid product damage and impact on human health exception



USD 58
Weight: 0.6 kg Number:


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