Chrome Plated Teardrop Cock Ring

No. SCT-20

Versatile Tear Drop Cock Ring. The Teardrop Cock Ring is worn around the cock and balls, but what makes this metal cock ring different is that it gently massages the perineum (the spot between the balls and anus) and other erogenous zones. It is chrome plated and has an erotic bit of weight to it.  The Teardrop Cock Ring can be worn in several different ways:1.The most common position is with the point facing upward to the rear so that it stimulates the perineum. 2.Turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and up to cradle your balls, creating a ledge of support.3.Turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and down. So when fucking, you will feel the Teardrop Cock Ring grind your balls into your partner with each stroke.4.With the tongue pointing outward and above, hold your hard shaft against the ring during insertion and gently ease the tip into the hole with your cock to stretch your partner out with the base of each stroke.

Size: 2" in diameter

USD 20
Weight: 0.2 kg Number:


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