Kitland Ellipse Shape Ball Cuff with Four Removable Spikes

No. CC-56
High tech made by Kitland! A true innovation in the area of cock & ball bondage! The Ellipse Shape of this ballstretcher ensures an indescribably awesome feeling. In contrast to normal, round ballstretchers, this new Kitland product intensifies the feeling of having your testicles pulled down!

A masterpiece with the highest quality workmanship, made of the best stainless steel, with a mirror polished surface. Naturally with precision joint; removable, with padlock.

Size:      Height 1 inch(2.5CM),     Inside Width 0.75inch(1.8CM),   Inside Length: 1.625inch(4CM), Material Thickness: 0.125inch(0.5CM)
Spike length:0.75inch(2CM)
USD 43
Weight: 0.2 kg Number:


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